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1. Individuality

Watches have become more and more status symbols in recent years. They reflect our personality and individuality. That's why we believe that luxury today is not necessarily what would have to be expensive, but what best suits your own style and what not everyone wears. Every watch on our platform goes through a careful selection process to guarantee these points.

2. Quality endures the years.

One can hardly imagine the sheer scale of the Swiss watch industry in Switzerland before the quartz crisis. Around 1.5% of all Swiss people worked for the watch industry. The quality combined with the output of the watch industry at that time is unparalleled. Watches were made to be passed on from generation to generation.

3. Polarizing designs

Design of watches used to be there to provoke. The industry was playful and played with new shapes, material combinations, technologies for the movements and developed rapidly to perfection. This resulted in polarizing designs that were celebrated by some, frowned upon by others. In comparison to those days, very few watch manufacturers can afford to bring polarizing products to the market today, but produce watches that are aesthetically pleasing to everyone in some sense.

4. Value for Money

Vintage watches are overall cheaper than new watches. This is because new watches fulfill an essential financial purpose for the producers, whereas vintage watches are "depreciated", so to speak. In any case, it means that you can get a high quality timepiece for much less money than you might think. 

5. Consumption feels great

Consumption feels great. But conscious consumption feels even better. The ecological aspect of whether to reuse existing products or to produce new ones if there were enough is a fundamental question. We believe that in order to move towards a more sustainable future, it is absolutely necessary and logical to develop a sense of the quality of the past.

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